Sagara Hair Loss Laser

Sagara Hair Loss Laser

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Latest Hair Loss Device on the market.

A proven concept for hair and scalp restoration with no medication, rubbing or side-effects.

  • Clinically proven - 92% Effective
  • 40,000 users can't be wrong
  • Stylish & Trendy Design
  • Portable & Rechargeable
  • 28 day money back guarantee


1. What is the Sagara Hair Laser?

The Sagara Hair Laser is a product that has undergone 24+ months of research and has sold in excess of 40,000 units worldwide since its launch 8 months ago. It is a newly designed hand held device which has been developed for hair-loss and scalp care. It is a fully rechargeable and a portable device which can be used at home, at work infact anywhere. The treatment takes 10 minutes a day.

2. How does it work?

The Sagara Hair Laser safely penetrates the scalp and stimulates the blood flow to the root of the hair follicle, which improves the growth, strength and life cycle of the hair. It uses a combination of low level laser therapy LLLT , light emitting diode therapy LED and gentle urethane massage.

3. Who can use it?

The Sagara Hair Laser is suitable for use by both male and females. It can be used by the young, middle aged or mature persons. Not to be used by persons under the age of 12 years.

4. Is it safe?

LLLT has been used in Europe for over 30 years for similar treatments.Many long-term clinical research programs internationally have shown bio-stimulation of low level laser therapy gives numerous positive effects to living cells with absolutely no side effect. The only safety precaution whilst the Sagara laser is turned is not to look at the laser beam directly with your eyes.

5. Has the Laser been approved?

Yes. The sagara hair laser has successfully passed an independent report from the British Standards Institute BSI , it has a full CE certification of conformity therefore it meets with essential health and safety requirements and has qualified in the correct medical device section as set out by the EEC European

6. What is LLLT?

LLLT stands for Low Level Laser Therapy. LLLT has been in use over the past twenty years in exclusive clinics around the world with great success. Anecdotal evidence indicates that patients have seen improvements in hair quality and thickness along with healthier scalps.

7. What is LEDT?

LEDT stands for Light Emitting Diode TherapyLEDT is a form of 'phototherapy' which involves the application of non-coherent low power monochromatic light to the scalp, to improve blood circulation and stimulation to the hair follicles.

8. How quickly will I see results?

The Sagara Hair Laser is designed to be used on a daily basis. As with all forms of any treatment, results vary from one person to another. Most people begin to notice improvements after just a few weeks and begin to feel confident little by little every day.

9. I'm using Regaine or similar hair growth shampoo product how will sagara laser compare?

Sagara Hair Laser should be used everyday and the use of other rejuvenating products will empower and enhance your results.

10. Is it easy to use?

Yes very. The lightweight hand held laser device should be used for just 10 minutes daily, e.g. whilst watching television . The product is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand.

11. Does The Sagara Hair Laser vibrate or cause any discomfort?

No, there are no vibrations or discomforts in any way whatsoever. The LEDT and URATHANE combined therapy creates increased blood circulation so the treated area may feel warmer than usual.

12. Why Choose Sagara?

The high quality laser beam has been carefully situated within the Sagara Hair Laser to create treatment close to the scalp without energy loss. some lesser quality and higher priced laser units use reflective agents which cause dispersion and energy loss. Because the Sagara Hair Laser combines daily treatment of high quality LLLT, LEDT & Urethane Stimulation Bars it will generate continuous effective treatment to affected areas.

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